WildChild Scoland

WildChild Scotland is a developing project based on the Isle of Mull, aimed at getting children outdoors and connected to nature. The power of outdoor learning should be harnessed for language, numeracy, science and more. Free, adventurous play in the outdoors, disconnected from TV allows children to develop into healthy, risk aware young adults. An intimacy with nature gives a richness of life and a joyful sense of wonderment that will later transfer into adulthood.

Outdoor learning and adventure are linked with numerous health benefits and more research is being published every year. Links to improving childhood depression, attention deficit disorder and eyesight are confirmed, along with blood pressure and obesity.

Children learn critical life skills by spending time in an outdoor environment with added ‘free play’. Problem solving, empathy, communication, team work, resilience, curiosity and creativity are all  developed, along with many more! WildChild Scotland will be providing outdoor, nature based events to get children connected to the wild.

Behind the project 

I grew up in Northumberland and developed an early love of mud, earthworms and the outdoors in general. I played freely in the street during the week and roamed wildly through farmland, woodland and river over the weekends whilst visiting my father. I was always connected to wildlife and animals, with a multitude of pets and a falconry centre as a home. My adventure and freedom as a child in the rural Northumbrian countryside are some of my most cherished memories and I have no doubt they played a huge part in my learning and development.

Now, living on the Hebridean Isle of Mull I work within a small school as an additional needs assistant. Taking advantage of this position I encourage outdoor learning, beach schools, wildlife gardening and more. I hope to develop on my own childhood experiences to provide rich, engaging outdoor learning opportunities.

Rachel in Hebridean waters
Hands on wildlife connections


Look back soon for what WildChild will be offering in the future.



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