Day 7: Mini wilderness 30DaysWild

30 Days Wild 

Day 7 

We’re lucky in the Hebrides to have a fantastic array of lichens and mosses, thanks to our interesting climate and lack of air pollution. Our native Atlantic woodlands are temperate rain forests; they’re very green and full of life but you do need to look closely. I love my little hand lens – it opens up a whole new forest of species that we overlook daily.


Invest in a hand lens – they can be less then £10. Magnifying something by x30 or x40 makes an incredible difference, it can transport adults and children alike into a completely different world. Plus, lichens are fascinating – they’ve lived for an astounding length of time. Even more jaw dropping; lichen isn’t just one organism – it’s built up from algae or bacteria AND fungus, they live and work together symbiotically. So much going on in a tiny space.

WildChild Scotland (@WildChild_Sco)


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