Day 5: Moth Trapping 30DaysWild

30 Days Wild 

Day 5 

Last night I put out my moth trap and spent this morning battling midges to ID them all. At the moment I’m trying to trap once a week if time and weather allow and all of the records are sent to the local moth recorder (and then Butterfly Conservation), contributing to knowledge of moths in the area – surprisingly on Mull very few people moth trap and so the group is under recorded.

Below is my species list for last nights trap, although I have two moths I am yet to identify.  I also had a caddis fly in their, but I’ve no idea which species yet – apparently we have around 200 to choose from!

Pale-shouldered brocade x2
White ermine x16
Broom moth x3
Scalloped hazel x2
Brimstone x2
Clouded buff x1
Buff ermine x1
Nut-tree tussock x1
Barred umber x1
Pebble prominent x1
Brown sliver-line x1
Sallow kitten x2
Heart and dart x1
Coxcomb prominent x1
Bright-line brown-eye x1
Clouded border x6
Peacock x2
Broken-barred carpet x1
Poplar hawkmoth x1

Somehow, a poplar hawkmoth made it from the trap to the bookshelf without me spotting it, so it spent all day tucked away among books and a violin till I just happened to spot it!

The Clouded buff and the Peacock moths were new for me, which is always interesting. Moth trapping is a brilliant way learn and connect to new species. I’m never fail to be surprised at the incredible colours and detail.

Get involved with Moth Night 2016 next weekend (9th-11th June). Head along to an organised event or put out your own moth trap. The focus is on hawk moths this time, so see how many large beauties you can marvel at.

WildChild Scotland (@WildChild_Sco)


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