Day 3: Garden flower power 30DaysWild

30 Days Wild 

Day 3

This evening I wandered into the garden with my camera to enjoy the incredible variety of wildflowers on my doorstep. Bugle, yellow pimpernel, water avens, yellow archangel, red campion, bluebells, tormentil and birdsfoot-trefoil are all looking stunning right now, to name just a few. Wild strawberries, germander speedwell, buttercups and daisies are all to be spotted, creating a riot of colour.

We are so inclined to keep our gardens mown and tidy but the stunning array of wildflowers along with the insect and birdlife they attract should be much more welcome. To my eye, the natural growth of nature looks much more appealing than a tightly mown lawn. Recently I’ve noticed bullfinches and siskins feeding on the flower heads among the grasses – they wouldn’t be there if we’d cut all of their food away – no such thing as a weed! Lock the mower away and let the plants go wild!

WildChild Scotland (@WildChild_Sco)


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